CBD Massage Gift Set

CBD Massage Gift Set

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Whether you prefer to massage your sore muscles with massage oil or cream, this gift set will not disappoint.  Included are The Essence of Well Being CBD Massage Oil 200 mg Soothing and The Essence of Well Being 800 mg Cream with Aroma Free.

Massage Oil – Our practical, effective massage oils deliver a sustained CBD release, so if you are looking for relief of sore muscles and joints then our use of nano-emulsified CBD topicals may be the best choice.

Massage Cream – Relief is only a dap away with the all new 200mg per ounce Broad Spectrum CBD creams. Choose from our Menthol or Aroma Free formula for intense or mild symptoms. Menthol delivers a subtle warming and cooling sensation to your skin and penetrates deep to alleviate and soothe targeted areas.

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